Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Hey everyone, just decided to startthe blog thing....this is hopefully the first blog of many more to come! you better be excited.
Well it's the easter holidays here in England and I have 2 and a half weeks of school, wooo!!!, the bad bit is that I have to revise throughtout this holiday for my up and coming GCSEs. I am deading them and want to get them over and done with and I really hope I do well.
This week I have done quite a bit, I was at my grandmas on Thursday and she makes the best dinners ever! I have loved them for as long as I can remember, it was good. I took my cousins to the park aross the road from her house, we decided to play a bit of rounders, not so good if there only four of you and you are using a log as a bat and a football as the ball. haha. We did quite well with the litle equipment we had and each managed to score a rounder.
On Saturday, me and my mother went to a party, I didn't hardly know anybody! and I had never seen so many little kids in one backgarden!. There was millions running about and tripping up over everything.
After we left the party at about 6.45pm I had to go babysit, I go babysit these three little boys aged six, eight and ten. They are really funny kids but usually do cause a bit of a hassle, however this time was good. They had to go in bed early as they were going out the next morning so the oldest one told them to be good and not mess about which was great for me. The worst part was sitting in their living room freezing cold as I couldn't get the fire on!. It was a gas fire and the knob wouldn't twist. Good job I brought a jumper!
Got up on Sunday morning ready for a day of house hunting, wehad four houses lined up ready to view all in different places, the best one was first and this is the one I think we are getting. It has three bedrooms, one bedroom is in the loft and that will be my sisters room, its quite cool because its like a princesses castle, you feel like rapunzal up there, without the long hair!
It also has a little computer room, and by little I mean like a cupboard, it reminds me of Harry Potters closet bedroom. Theres a massive pond in the back garden with a cute lttle bridge going over it. Its ace but my mum doesn't want it and says we will get a hot tub instead, fair enough.
The other three houses were pretty good, the second one we looked at was my second favourite and it was down the street were I used to live with my dad. I think I like it because I love the street and it brings back good memories :]
On monday, I went out to town shopping, I met up with a friend in a cafe so that she cold write in this scrapbook I am making for my friend for her birthday, she better love it because I've been making it for more than a week now and its still not finished!
I got a new outfit in town, i'll post it on here later, the only problem is , is that I haven't got any shoes! I need some grey, silver or blue shoes for under a tenner as thats all I have left!
today I havent really done that much, I spent an hour and a half ironing all these clothes and bedsheets as a favour for my mum and now i'm just about to get into the bath then I might go for a run :] as Ihaven't for ages. I always say I will go for a run but I never do .
Speak to you soon

L-Vee xxx

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