Thursday, 17 April 2008

Skins.......the last episode...

Last Year, Tony Stonem and his bunch of friends hit our screens and we immediately caught on to how this program was so much different and better than other programs. We could identify with the characters as they went through a quite normal teenage life ( though they got out more than us and had better clothes). In fact we were pretty much hooked before the show had premiered due to its 'character introducing' adverts.

Although shows like the OC were aimed at 'teens' they didn't really capture what it's 'really' like to be one, Skins, however dealt with the truthful, humorous side of being a teen and you didn't feel you were being warned about the issues you may come across in life. Like Cassie for example, she had an eating disorder but she didn't drop dead like the girl on Hollyoaks but she didn't have a happy ending either. It just shows true, honest life.

What I like about Skins is the humour, never an episode goes by without making me laugh, but the Skins crew don't do this using a joke, they do this by setting up the most bizarre situation, like when Cassie started dancing with her teachers in her exam and when Sid and Tony stole Chris's coffin. When the steal his coffin has to be one of the momentus occasions in skins, I was smiling through the whole of it because it was just so bizarre yet as they thought, a nice thing to do for Chris.

Another thing I like is the music, it always lifts the mood of the show, even at a sad time. I was disappointed in this last episode, that it didn't end with a song sung by the characters, I can listen to Sid's 'It's a Wild World' over and over again. But, I suppose as they are all leaving our screens for good it had to end on a more serious emotional note.

We are now left wondering if the next Skins crew can live up to it? And will anyone ever capture our heart like Sid and Tony? and will we ever love someone as much as Chris?


(pictures from the E4 site)

Monday, 14 April 2008


I'm sure lots of you have been watching Skins on channel 4 and are eagerly waiting for tonights episode after asking yourself the questions "Where is Cassie?", "Has the group split up for good?" and "What will it be like without Chris?".

Well I am one of those people and last weeks episode left me in a sorry state as my favourite character Chris died due to an unexplained illness. I felt like complaining to Channel 4 asking them why they got rid of the best character but I decided these things have gotta happen like when your favourite goes out of X factor or Big Brother ( although I stop watching them then). I'm hoping tonights episode will leave me happier and excited for the next series.

Has anyone reading this experienced the thrill of going to a Skins party, I realllllllllly wanted to go but after seeing they were all in cities far away from my hometown and that the age limit was 18, I sat and sulked. They look to be good though so if you live in any of the cities I suggest you go, theres a chance of meeting the actors!


Harajuku Girl

Gwen Stefani's new Harajuku Lovers Fragrance collection looks so cute! I cannot wait to get my hands on one or all of these bottles but i'll have to wait until September time when they are released. They remind me of the momiji dolls which i've recently been obessed with. I soon hope to have one of these Harajuku dolls sitting next to my momiji, I just hope they smell nice!