Monday, 14 April 2008


I'm sure lots of you have been watching Skins on channel 4 and are eagerly waiting for tonights episode after asking yourself the questions "Where is Cassie?", "Has the group split up for good?" and "What will it be like without Chris?".

Well I am one of those people and last weeks episode left me in a sorry state as my favourite character Chris died due to an unexplained illness. I felt like complaining to Channel 4 asking them why they got rid of the best character but I decided these things have gotta happen like when your favourite goes out of X factor or Big Brother ( although I stop watching them then). I'm hoping tonights episode will leave me happier and excited for the next series.

Has anyone reading this experienced the thrill of going to a Skins party, I realllllllllly wanted to go but after seeing they were all in cities far away from my hometown and that the age limit was 18, I sat and sulked. They look to be good though so if you live in any of the cities I suggest you go, theres a chance of meeting the actors!


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