Monday, 30 June 2008


Guess who's seventeen!

After a long fun filled day at the beach, a few of my friends came back to mine for a game of murder mystery. It was supposed to be a kids game but I got confused at the end when I read my card wrong. It said 'You are not the murderer', but silly me didn't see the 'not' part of the line so I thought I was the murderer at the end!

I went on the entertain my guests by DJing, I want to get into a routine of doing it more cos it's dead fun! I ran out of songs all my friends would know so I ended up playing Grease songs and a Jungle Book mix which went down well. I also got a few snaps of my friends doing monkey dance to ' i wanna be like you-ou-ou'.

Earlier on, we had spent the day on the beach until it rained when our group of 20 decided to dominate the bowling alley across the road taking up most of the aisles. We then trekked up the road to Lazer Quest. If you've never been then GO.

Yours Truly,

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