Saturday, 22 November 2008

snowsnowsnow [...}

It snowed this morning! I was soo happy, it made me excited for christmas! I'm going to see pigeon detectives on monday night, they are in my home town and I canot wait to see them! It will be the 3rd time!


rangsmo said...

anwser : it's a competition (i really don't know which word i should use). you can win a portrait of your self - that i will draw :) if you want to take part you can just comment it in my blog, and i can explain more :)

Dorian Vaine said...

Is that "ballerina-band" a tatoo? I didn't know people could make such clever and cute tatoos...!

Brook and Lyn said...

Is that a real tattoo? It's so cute! I'm always seeing such creative tattoos around me but when it comes to designing mine I go blank.