Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The Pigeon Detectives were absoulelty fandabbidosi, they came to my hometown and it was just amazing, I had seen them twice before and they never fail to entertain. I was right at the front and found myself as the only girl in that area as I was surrounded by a load of bald men! It was the best gig I have been too and Matt the lead singer even crowd surfed and then fell right next to me! Loved every second of it!
(the photo above is by Gary Stafford as I was too busy dancing around to take a photo)
The Virgins from New York were good although the lead singer came on in his socks!

Billy The Kid were great and have a good style -they all had their jeans turned up at the bottom.
I recommend catching the pigeons on their tour :)


BlueRing said...

Thanks for the sweet comment.
yes, the lil farts is but a joke. te-he, glad you took the risk.
I love British accents, as says my blog. Oh a storybook, huh? thanks!'

oh, so cool that you got to be so close, though to be honest I've got but the least bit of a clue about who they are. I shall look them up though.
I love going to concerts, it is a blast.

Your blog is also pretty cool with all those pistures and stuff. Pretty nice. Oh and those red flats in the picture, adorable. Oh and the tatto is also super cool.
Thanks for the comment again.


withasianstereotypes said...

Ah I adore pigeon detective and the virgins! I'm happy for you baby. I love the photos honey and yes I saw the alex pettyfer smoking photo it's to die for! shhhh don't tell my boyfriend haha.

with love, china le

LaCouturier said...

aw i'm so glad that you had fun!!

La C.

TheMinx said...

love the virgins! Thanks for your comment, I like your blog too:)