Monday, 22 December 2008

Hello! I started my new job on Friday, I was so nervous and couldn't finish my tea before I went. However, it went well, once I get into it, I'm okay :). My next shift is on christmas day so it should be quite busy which is good.

This picture is me and my cousin at our family christmas party; its like a tradition in our family where we all go to my grandmas for lunch a week or so before christmas and we all get a present from her tree! haha. This proably sounds really weird to you all! I am all sorted for christmas this year, well nearly, I have still got a mountain of presents to wrap!

Me and my sister, Hannah are going to see Madagascar 2 in a little bit :) loved the first one so I hope this one lives up to my expectations. I really want to see Twilight but I have made a pact with myself and friends to read the book before I see the film else it will wreck it.

An advert for The Family Christmas Special was on last night, I loved that show so I'm glad its back on Christmas Eve! For all of you who don't know what The Family is, its a program where one normal family is filmed for 100 days. I wanted to apply to be on the next series but my mum refuses.

3 days til you know what!


dana isabel said...

merry christmas
& and yes i do,
i haven't stopped.

BlueRing said...

oh congrats, again, on the new job. hhmm on christmast day will be packed don't you think? good luck.

oh yes, I too want to see Madagascar 2, but rumors have reached my ears that it is not as good as the first one, but I plan on finding out myself. tell me what you thought of it.

reading a book after a movie is terrible, i like to be able to picture and make my own characters and situations and locations. Though you have already seen the characters from the movie, so it is not going to work as I said.
though sometimes it is good to see the movie before because some books are just too hard to understand by themselves, but not twilight, twilight is basic thrid grader material. not a thing to worry about.

well have a lovely week.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Woohoo, Christmas is around the corner.
Thanks for your kind comment, I checked your other blogs as well, but this one seems to be the most recent one. ;)

Demi said...

yayyy thank you! someone who finally understands what I am saying! I have too been saying it all day and got some strange looks!
ahh I wish I had a sister!

and congratulations on the new job! :)

hope you have a fantastic christmas!!!

Anne Marie said...

thanks for your comment!
and this blog seems lovely :)
have a merry christmas!

shimu's holiday said...

Merry merry Christmas!
Thank you for the comment :)

you're a lovely girl!

Pan's Holiday

Maria C said...

thanks for the comment :)
Have a great Christmas!

Noemi Rochelle D said...

cute pic!

Rabenschwarz said...

happy holidays.
and cute photo.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job, and merry christmas

withasianstereotypes said...

I love the hat baby haha too cute for words.

Happy holiday♥ o.~, China L.

THE BAT said...

so cute! merry christmas!